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World Championships in pictures
Miller and Miinala nominated MVPs of the World Championships
Brazil and USA crowned World Champions
Men Gold match: Brazil-Finland 9-1 (3-0): Interview of Alessandro Tosim
Men Gold match: Brazil-Finland 9-1 (3-0): Interview of Timo Laitinen
Women Gold match: USA-Russia 3-0: Interview of Jennifer and Ken Armbruster
Men Bronze match: USA-Lithuania 4-2 (1-2): Interview of Joseph Hamilton
Women Bronze match: Turkey-Japan 3-0: Interview of Gokhan Ince and Eren Yilbirim
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Competition Venues

World Championships 2014 is played in two halls: Tapiola hall and Summa hall. These competition halls are situated next to each other in a Tapiola Sport Center area in Espoo. In this Sport Center area there are also ice hockey hall, tennis halls and football fields. In both halls there are excellent facilities for the players, officials, referees as well as for the spectators. There are also good parking areas near the halls.

Sport Hall Tapiola

In Sport Hall Tapiola there is on court (28 x 15 meters) with a wooden surface. There are 1570 seats and 1070 standing places. This hall will be the main court in the tournament, for example the final games will be played here. The hall is provided with 6 changing rooms. Sport Hall Tapiola is a home arena of the national league basket team Honka.

Photo: Sport Hall Tapiola, outside

Photo: Sport Hall Tapiola, inside

Sport Hall Summa

In Sport Hall Summa there are three courts (28 m * 15 m) with the wooden surface. Between the courts there are curtains. One of the courts will be the playing court and there are 200 seats. Two other courts will be used as warming area. There are six changing rooms. Also there are cafe and competition office in this hall. The hall area is about 3.000 m2 and volume is 23.990 m3.

Photo: Sport Hall Summa, outside

Photo: Sport Hall Summa, inside

Photo: Sport Hall Summa, floor plan

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